Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Birthday!

In honor of my daughter's 13th birthday, I am presenting the combination of birthdays and knitting.  I wasn't terribly surprised to find several knitted cakes, and I do mean SEVERAL.....of all shapes and sizes and colors and occasions......... it was overwhelming!  Now, I don't know about you, faithful reader, but MY knitting time is valuable (very much so, as a single mom with 2 kids who works full time!), so I, personally, cannot imagine using my precious knitting time on a knitted cake.  What exactly do you do with it once it's done anyway?

These really look delicious!  I'm getting hungry!

A little wonky - fuzzy candles?  

Just wow - and again, all of this work for what exactly?

Another very pretty, very edible-looking entry.  That candle is a little bit tall tho -- just sayin'

This one's my favorite - fantastic job!!

And these are super cute as well -- cute party favors

These are supposed to be candles -- get your mind out of the gutter!

Don't forget the party favors!  How cute are these!?

I'm not sure exactly what to think about this one.  First of all, not sure there's a real cake under there or not.  Secondly, it just looks dangerous.  At first, I thought, "Cool!"..... but then thought better of it -- after some thought I'm not sure I get it.  It kinda looks like one of those spiky "keep out" fences.

And THEN there's real live cakes made to look like knitting!  (Nice juxtaposition, huh?)

Cool, huh?  Complete with reading glasses, scissors and knitting needles!

The colors on this are so pretty and it looks real to me!  
So...... who wants cake!?