Wednesday, June 15, 2011


With the Ren Faire season upon us, I thought I'd share with you some Ren no-no's.  If you're going to a Ren Faire and you want to dress for it -- splurge! -- buy a costume, a nice one.  Don't knit one - especially none of these!

There is an AWFUL LOT of knitted chain mail out there.  And I don't think it will stop any kind of sword I can think of.
Not sure if this is actually meant to be chain mail or if it's just a homeless guy trying to stay warm.

Don't drag your kids into your warped Ren Faire business.  Just let the kid go in his shorts and tank top, have a giant turkey leg and some lemonade, and you do the hot costumes.

And the wooden sword and shield just make it that much more authentic!

You know this guy in on looking for his Ren Princess

I'm sorry -- is that tape on your sword?  Really?

This is just a bullying in the making

Knitted gray vest? check!  Tin foil mask?  check!  Plastic sword?  check!  Fake shield?  check!  Athletic shorts?  check!

Gotta say - this guy looks authentic -- like he hasn't showered in a month.  And don't poke him in the belly with that sword!  His mom ran out of yarn so his "chain mail" isn't quite long enough.

This guy is serious about his Ren Faire!  Do NOT mess with him or he will stab you with his fake sword!

Really?  LOL  Just go to the toy store and get a plastic one, OK?

Not sure if this is for Ren Faire or for Riverdance!

Sorry - the crazy dred locks are sold separately.