Wednesday, March 9, 2011

And Other Star Wars Characters

There are so many to choose from that I cannot dedicate another whole day to just one character. Plus there aren't enough funny things out there of any other character in particular....except ONE, which we are saving for tomorrow!  Today, I am sharing some others that I just found amusing and if you're not a Star Wars fan, you may not even know who/what some of these are.  Don't feel bad....I needed my son's help on a few myself!

I dunno -- R2D2 is cool and all, but having that thing sticking out of the side of your head like that?  Necessary?  I think not.

Now, these are both supposed to be Admiral Akbar.  The hat above looks way to much like E.T. to suit me.  Didn't we have an E.T. look-a-like on Yoda day too?  Eh, if you've seen one alien, you've seen them all!
And the Akbar sock monkey doll thing..... just creepy..... and is he wearing Mormon magical underwear?  I KNEW those darn Mormons were aliens!

What is this, you ask?  I asked the same thing!  But the site it came from said it was a Star Wars item, so it has to be, right?  Cuz I thought maybe it was a ......a.......well I didn't know what it was.  My sources tell me it's a Bantha.  Guess I should look that one up.  Think it was those giant wooly buffalo looking things.  Maybe.

And you cannot do Star Wars without Darth Vader.....although I really wish we had.  I mean, a Darth Vader helmet with a crocheted partial face mask and the back made out of Guinness (cans or case?  can't tell!).  And what's up with Guinness and Star Wars?  Do geeks drink Guinness alot?  Cuz I recall a bad Yoda with a Guinness in his hand from Monday.  WTF?
And I don't even know what that little face thingy is, but it said Darth Vader so I ran with it. 

I shared the Wookie golf club sock cover thing (I don't know what they're called!  Gimme a break!) yesterday, and it was so completely NOT obviously a Wookie, that I thought I had better show you the rest of the set to prove it.  Happy now?

And this is that big abominable snowman monster from Hoth. Again, deferring to my sources...a Wampa.  It's an abominable snowman to me. I mean, aren't Wampas (or is it just one Wampa? No idea) furry, like really furry? This guy's bald.  We'll call him Telly Savales Wampa.

This just bugs me because it's so BAD.  My son could do this, easily. In fact, once he sees this, I have a feeling I'll be knitting a white stocking cap sometime soon.  I promise I'll do better with the glued on black felt.

These guys were leftovers from Monday.  The top one gets the prize for the worst Yoda EVER and the bottom one, well, it' Yoda?  The green M&M with a bad Yoda hat on?  You decide!

Tune in tomorrow for more!!

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