Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ugly Sweaters

That's right, folks.....  they're not just for Christmas anymore!  I've been collecting pix of ugly sweaters hoping a group of them would speak to me in some way - come together in a cohesive way somehow.... but in the end, they are a cohesive group just simply in their ugliness.  I think ugly sweater parties should be a year-round happening!  Well, maybe not such a good idea in July.... sweaty acrylic and wool.....ugh....... never mind! 

This is one of the following two:  two girls using illegal substances went sweater shopping, OR two girls think that Ray-Bans will make these sweaters look cooler.  I'm voting for #1.

Now, do not get me wrong.....I LOVE my gays.... I really do!  But, guys.... really....I think the two of you showing up at the party together, looking all metrosexual, manicured, and all, is enough to clue us in.  The sweaters just scream it to the masses.

I am honestly nearly speechless with this one.  Pigs.  With a weird shag collar.  Little clumps of grass.  On a dirt brown background.  Other than Mrs. Oscar Meyer, not sure who this would be for.

Bill Cosby...paging Bill Cosby.......... I believe we have found one of your sweaters from 1986.

Boy, oh boy.......I hope this was taken at an ugly sweater party, because, if not...... well.......that guy should just be arrested......cuz you know he is mentally ill and will do something really creepy really soon.....if he hasn't already.

Even though the head is cut off, you can tell this was being worn by a cool brother.  The hint of tiny braids, the stonewashed jeans.....definitely a hip guy.  This sweater, however...not hip....not cool....AND it's crocheted.....simply heinous.

I'm not even sure there is a zany enough grandma in Miami Beach to wear this one.

AAARRRGGHHHHH!!  I can't see!  I've gone blind!!  Someone call Dr. House!

Matching ugly sweaters......now there's an idea for the ages.

And this one?  I honest to God have no words.  I think the guy's face says it all.  What it says is this:  "WTF!!?"


  1. You do realize the last picture is of Wil Wheaton of Star Trek fame? He was asked to wear the clown sweater as part of a long standing clown sweater joke picture thing. If you google clown sweater, the whole story comes up

  2. Yea... These sweaters are amazing. I would kill for that clown one. I think you should get a sense of humor. It makes life more enjoyable.