Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Today we will explore the possibilities when it comes to knitting and crocheting Wookies.  There are some rules.  They are rules I made up, but they are rules, nonetheless!

RULE #1 - Use brown and only brown - Wookies are brown ..... all of them ..... I swear.  I honestly don't think that there is a Wookie salon that does dye jobs (man, would THAT be a big job, or what!?) Therefore, THIS is wrong!

As is THIS

RULE #2 - Wookies are furry - very, very furry.  Lots and lots of long hair all over their bodies.  Therefore, if you are trying to create one with yarn, the yarn must also be furry.  Hence, an eyelash or other fuzzy yarn is required.
Unlike these:

Close, but no cigar!  Note: Do not use self-striping yarn for a Wookie.  FAIL

I'm assuming this is supposed to be a Wookie (the ammo belt was a clue), but I just don't see it.  Then I thought maybe an Ewok, but I doubt that.  I mean, they're not as tall as Hans Solo!  I assume this is Hans Solo...maybe not.....oh, who knows!?  

There are many more Wookie amigurumi attempts:

Got the furry part right, but this looks more like a porcupine

And this one is just ..... just..... just no

Now, this is not amigurumi.  It's more a sock money type doll.  (oh, yes, faithful readers, we WILL be tackling sock monkeys in the future) And I think this actually resembles a monkey far more than most sock monkeys do, and certainly far more than it resembles a Wookie

And this, well, I'm sorry, but this is a Miniature Yorkie -- don't even argue with me.

It's a furry.....gingerbread.....Wookie.....thing.....

I swear to you, the web page where I found this said it was a Wookie - not kidding.  Really.
RULE #3 - Leave the Wookie-wear to the Star Wars folks.  Don't even attempt to make a Wookie ANYTHING to wear -- or you're going to just end up looking stupid and that's just not a good look for anyone....

Obviously, this is from the 70's and had nothing to do with Wookies, but is it not fabulously Wookie-like!?  Actually the more realistic Wookie knitting out there -- and completely by mistake!  But still, NOT wearable - just DON'T!

And this is supposed to be a Wookie foot -- I am NOT kidding!  It goes with the coat above!  OK... it doesn't actually go with the coat, but they would totally work together for a costume.  And, please, ONLY for a costume, alright?  If anyone sees you just wearing these around the house, they have the right to knock you down, take the socks, and burn them.

And, again, I really didn't think it would be THAT hard to get a Wookie right.  I mean, it's just a big furry brown......whatever!  Now, this is supposed to be a Wookie hat for a child.  It looks like a hypnotized Muppet.  Just sayin.......

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