Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What NOT to Knit for your Dog

So many people knit for their pets!  I don't really get that, but more power to you.  BUT there are some things you should NOT knit for your dog, especially if you really do consider him/her your "best friend."  Let's begin with the most heinous kind of pet knitting -- costumes!  I will never understand costuming your dog....ever

Can you not see that you sweet little pug does not want to look like a giant bumblebee?  Plus, bees are scary!  You're gonna scare some kid to death thinking you have a giant pet bumblebee -- scar him for life, probably -- reason enough to NOT knit this.

A dinosaur?  Really?  A colorful one at that -- Barney would be proud

EEEKK!!  I am NOT kissing that frog!  No way, no how!

We just cannot get away from the Star Wars thing, can we?  It's a Princess-Leia-looking hat.....thing

This pooch does NOT want to be a lion.  My CAT might want to be a lion, but this dog does NOT.

And this one most definitely is NOT happy about being dressed up like a mouse.  A mouse!  People, really....humiliating your pet will only mean having to call Stanley Steamer sometime in the near future.

If anything, this little one should have been the mouse.  He's certainly small enough!  But a pig?  Or is it a pink cat?  Either way, just wrong!

And, of course, we finish off with this.  Trust me when I say you will NOT fool the kids into believing in Santa if you do this to your dog.  They are not gonna buy it.  He's way too small to carry all those toys.


  1. You got the comment settings changed!

    These are great. I feel so bad for those little cuties.

    I'm now starting to feel guilty for all of the times I painted my little dog's nails with nail polish (so we could match) when I was younger.

  2. Love these. The Mouse one had me LOL

  3. I'm glad they were NOT funny. What a terrible thing to do to your pet. You don't see him/her/it dressing you do you? Now, for those poor little muttskis that are freezing to death, that's another story. But PLEASE dress him sensibly!

  4. Nonsense. Dogs DO like to be dressed up, much the same as young children do. Just so long as what you dress them in isn't uncomforable, as some headgear can be! In fact there is new research which shows snug coats help calm dogs with separation anxiety - look up anxiety wraps. I think the people who took the time to lovingly knit such cute outfits for their dogs should be commended. Though you might think they look silly, they put a lot of heart into it and I think their dogs do appreciate it.

  5. Now, I do dress my dog, but I do not make her look ridiculous. A bee costume, or a frog, please, she would hate me. She has hoodies and a raincoat. I don't polish her nails. But the mouse ears or lions mane is a bit much. However, I love love love the red sweater in the last picture.